Mini Dental Implants: A Less Invasive Option?

All dental implants are not the same. Depending on how big the implant itself is, it will be classified as either a standard dental implant or a mini dental implant (sometimes called a denture implant).

Regardless of size, they are all titanium implants that fuse to the patient's jawbone and form the base for replacement teeth.

Two out of three dentists offer dental implant therapy, found a recent survey. One out of five think that regular dental implants are always better than mini dental implants.

However, the majority of dentists think mini tooth implants are good for a variety of patients.

A mini implant is smaller and thinner than a regular dental implant. In addition, mini tooth implants are also considerably more affordable. The mini dental implant surgery is also less invasive, takes less time, and heals faster.

"Mini implants have worked very well for my patients because of their low cost and immediate loading," said one dentist. One way dental implant dentists and prosthodontists use mini implants is to help denture patients.

When a patient's dentures don't stay put, the lower denture can be stabilized with mini dental implants; this is known as denture stabilization. The bottom denture will then snap onto the implants, offering better support and retention.

Mini dental implant surgery can appeal to patients since mini dental implants cost less. "They make dental implants affordable for many," declared one dentist.

"There is seldom an occasion anymore when I can't replace traditional implants therapy with minis," raved another. "I'm so thankful I can now offer a less expensive alternative that still brings a lot of joy to those patients that receive them."

Mini dental implant therapy works well for some patients, but it is not for everybody. "Mini implants are good for patients who don't want or can tolerate regular implants, but failure rates are higher with these minis," said an Arizona dentist.

A patient's dental implant dentist or prosthodontist can help determine the best course of action.

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